About the OpenEAC Alliance

For collaboration and consistency in clean energy measurement

About us

The OpenEAC Alliance is an industry group formed to ensure quality, consistency and transparency in distributed energy resource (DERs) measurement and verification.

Our goal

The OpenEAC Alliance aims to enhance oversight and quality in clean energy measurement and verification, and to solve for structural barriers that have prevented the climate benefits of DERs from being properly valued. 

We’ll do that by creating transparent & consistent industry standards around how we measure and report on DERs, so they can be included and scaled through energy markets.


Professional opinions and methods vary on the best way to calculate energy savings from DERs. That is inadvertently hindering our ability to maximize their impact.

By creating industry-wide consistency & transparency in DER measurement & verification, we’ll enable DERs to be valued for their significant carbon impacts and supercharged through energy markets.

How it works

The OpenEAC Alliance is a volunteer body that will provide oversight for the methodologies that are adopted to generate EACs registered on WEATS. The Alliance will draw participants from around the globe who share an interest in ensuring that all EACs that are transacted accurately reflect the carbon emissions impacts of the underlying energy embodied by the EAC. 

The Alliance will create an open source methodological framework for certifying EACs that relies on community standards and builds on existing best practices. This approach requires a commitment to transparency and openness, but can deliver considerable cost reductions while incentivizing the development of more robust methodologies. 

Who should join?

We are an open, global network of experts collaboratively strengthening energy attribute certificate (EACs) standards and creating industry-wide consistency. This is for clean energy M&V folks around the globe who share an interest in ensuring that all EACs are transacted accurately.

Get involved!

Kickoff is May 16, 2024. If you're interested in joining the OpenEAC Alliance, either as an individual or as an organization, please reach out to George Whittlesey (george@wattcarbon.com). 

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Our manifesto

If an EAC represents the environmental benefits of a watt-hour of energy, the calculation that is used to arrive at the watt-hour is of critical importance to the legitimacy of the environmental claim. Substantial over or under-crediting of environmental benefits could threaten the existence of a market. It is the OpenEAC Alliance’s mission to get this number as accurate as possible to reflect the true impact of DER projects. 

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